Daily conversion is so hard and so important

“This day is yours, Lord,” I say each day upon rising. Yet, before I even finish my first cup of coffee, the day has become mine. Hidden in the humor of that statement is the reason why daily conversion is so hard and so important: it is easy to forget God. It is easy to turn to God only when our backs are to the wall or we are facing grave danger. Sadly, God is often the last option. But God wants more than being our first option: God desires to be our only option. Only when God becomes our sole source of life is true human peace and joy possible.

~ Gerry Straub, Our Sole Source of Life

Something that must be shared

In the risen humanity of Christ I find peace and love. But it is not enough for me to simply experience that peace and love within myself or only for myself. It is something that must be shared with all of humanity, all of creation. In every encounter, in every relationship, I should attempt to convey the risen humanity of Christ through my words and deeds. And this experience of the risen humanity of Christ makes all things always new, always presenting fresh opportunities to transform ourselves and our world by following the self-emptying example of Jesus who constantly renews everything he touches because he is always pointing us back to God, back to the true source of life.

~Gerry Straub, In the Risen Humanity of Christ