We have no right

Christian social action is first of all action that discovers religion in politics, religion in work, religion in social programs for better wages, Social Security, etc., not at all to “win the worker for the Church,” but because God became man, because every man is potentially Christ, because Christ is our brother, and because we have no right to let our brother live in want, or in degradation, or in any form of squalor whether physical or spiritual. In a word, if we really understood the meaning of Christianity in social life we would see it as part of the redemptive work of Christ, liberating man from misery, squalor, subhuman living conditions, economic or political slavery, ignorance, alienation.

By selfishness

God is the Living One; Jesus brings us the life of God; the Holy Spirit gives and keeps us in our new life as true sons and daughters of God. But all too often, people do not choose life, they do not accept the “Gospel of Life” but let themselves be led by ideologies and ways of thinking that block life, that do not respect life, because they are dictated by selfishness, self-interest, profit, power and pleasure, and not by love, by concern for the good of others. It is the eternal dream of wanting to build the city of man without God, without God’s life and love – a new Tower of Babel. It is the idea that rejecting God, the message of Christ, the Gospel of Life, will somehow lead to freedom, to complete human fulfillment As a result, the Living God is replaced by fleeting human idols which offer the intoxication of a flash of freedom, but in the end bring new forms of slavery and death. The wisdom of the Psalmist says: “The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes” (Ps 19:8).

~ Pope Francis, June 16, 2013 via Friends of Little Portion Hermitage.

The reduction of human beings to property

These people will not stop till a) we stop them or b) they have utterly ransacked the economy and brought the world to its knees.  The testimony of human history is that a pagan world is *always* based on a slave economy.  Slavery is the norm, not the exception, for fallen man.  Christ is the only one who frees from slavery and even the influence of his spirit took centuries to really penetrate a human race in which every culture took it for granted.  Now that the influence of the Church is on the wane in the West, one of the very first things we should expect (and are seeing) is the immediate return of slavery and the reduction of human beings to property, first de facto and eventually de jure.

Mark Shea, “How the Amalgamation of EvilCorps and State That is Our Ruling Class…