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Nothing but childish concerns

Soon we shall be in eternity, and then we shall see how very petty are the things of this earth and how inconsequential it is whether we are involved in them or not. Now we get all worked up as if they were terribly important! When we were small children, how carefully we collected pieces of wood, stone and such to build huts, and if someone knocked them down we cried; then we were all put out, but now we understand how unimportant these things were. We will feel the same way one day in Heaven, when we see that all our preoccupations in this world were nothing but childish concerns. Be faithful to your duties, but be convinced that there is nothing more worthy or more important than eternal salvation and the perfection of your soul.

~ St. Francis de Sales (Letters 455; O. XIX, p. 22), via St. Francis of Assisi – Poverello.

Bloodthirsty Prolifers

A huge number of Christians don’t believe in anything like the grace and mercy of God (except for themselves and for excusable offenses and minor sins). They believe in salvation by law, force, punishment and politics. One of them frankly appeals to the death penalty as an exercise of raw Power. Does Gosnell belong behind bars? Of course. But thirsting for his blood is simple barbaric vengefulness, not justice tempered by mercy.

A lot of the “prolife” movement is simply another front for the culture of death.  The fact is, there is a strong and persistent correlation between self-identified “prolife conservative Christians” and enthusiastic support for the death penalty and torture.  This demographic doesn’t actually care what the Church teaches about its sacred cows any more than progressive dissenters do.  It just cares what the GOP teaches.

~Mark Shea, Bloodthirsty Prolifers



What we should wish to have done

The surest means of salvation is to do each day of our lives what we should wish to have done at the hour of our death.

~St. Angela Merici

Something more beautiful or more terrible…

Life does not simply pass. It goes on into something more beautiful or more terrible, to salvation or to eternal loss. Life’s purpose and our attitude toward it must be defined by this conviction if we are believers.

~Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Arise From Darkness

For His Kingdom is ruled from the throne of the Cross…

For His Kingdom is ruled from the throne of the Cross, and to be ambitious within it is to want to place oneself below others as their servant and slave. This is why the Cross is the salvation of the world; It undermines and subverts all of the quiet and respectable violences by which we try to ‘get ahead’ of each other in the selfish mess of our lives. The Cross is the escape from the cycles of violence by which we build fleeting securities and comforts for ourselves at the expense of the flourishing of others.

~Brother Charles, in his blog post: “Drink The Cup, If You’re So Special