They were together

The reality of following Jesus is always communal. The first disciples formed a community around Jesus. They were together when he was arrested. They were together when he was resurrected. They were together when the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost. In Acts 2:4 they stayed together as an intentional community, which evangelized Jerusalem and grew. The only time they were split up was when they lost their courage in the face of the cross or were forced to do so through persecution.

The model of fruitful and faithful love

Mary, Mother of Jesus, is the model of listening to the Word and of faithfulness to vocation; we, like Francis, see all the gospel virtues realized in her.

The brothers and sisters should cultivate intense love for the most holy virgin, imitation, prayer, and filial abandonment. They should manifest their own devotion with expressions of genuine faith, in forms accepted by the Church.

Mary is the model of fruitful and faithful love for the entire ecclesial community.

Secular Franciscans and their fraternities should seek to live the experience of Francis, who made the Virgin the guide of his activity. With her, like the disciples at Pentecost, they should welcome the Spirit to create a community of love.

~ General Constitution of the Secular Franciscan Order, Article 16.1,2