We have no right

Christian social action is first of all action that discovers religion in politics, religion in work, religion in social programs for better wages, Social Security, etc., not at all to “win the worker for the Church,” but because God became man, because every man is potentially Christ, because Christ is our brother, and because we have no right to let our brother live in want, or in degradation, or in any form of squalor whether physical or spiritual. In a word, if we really understood the meaning of Christianity in social life we would see it as part of the redemptive work of Christ, liberating man from misery, squalor, subhuman living conditions, economic or political slavery, ignorance, alienation.

Freedom from Religion | First Things

God without priests. Churches without authority. Faiths that are optional. It’s wonderfully liberating. The divine can’t get his hands on us anymore! Now we can be spiritual without being religious. It’s the luxury good human beings have always wanted: bespoke worship, idols made to spec.

R.R. Reno, “Freedom from Religion” | First Things

[Editor’s note: this may be one of those quotes that benefits greatly from reading the piece that the quote was taken from. Just in case the tone of this fragment isn’t clear because it is a mere fragment, R.R. Reno isn’t advocating a religion as described above but is describing what, in some sense, has become what currently passes for religion.]