Our inordinate possession of things

This article of the Rule (Article 11) calls us to begin where Francis did, trusting in God, for without this trust we can do nothing. Francis chose exactly what Christ chose and nothing more: he chose a poor and humble life. Are we called to give up everything as Francis did? No, but we are to give up our inordinate possession of things. The rich young man, whom Jesus looked upon with love, turned from Jesus because his possessions were many.

~ Teresa V. Baker, OFS, For Up to Now (FUN), Chapter 12: “The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order”

Usher in a new era

The assurance of faithfulness to Franciscan living grows out of one’s life with God, not merely out of an external conformity to practices and prescriptions. Accordingly, the new (Secular Franciscan) rule demands much and promises great things. For this reason our hopes are high that those who live this way of life will truly “renew the face of the earth” and usher in a new era of holiness and Franciscan impact.

~ Benet A. Fonck, OFM, Called to Proclaim Christ