A living example

The Franciscan Rule exhorts us to live the Gospel. The Gospel is Jesus. Jesus reminds us I have come that they may have life more abundantly. (John 10: 10) Thus, to have this life we must “Live Jesus”. This cannot be accomplished if we have other “masters” who attract, seduce, direct, control us … and diminish or even destroy our ability to know, love, and serve the Lord. St. Francis’ radical detachment from things, made him a living example of the joy and freedom of one who is no longer “slave” to his/her wants and even to legitimate needs that he/she has allowed themselves to control their lives.

~ Fr. Francis A. Sariego, O.F.M.Cap., From the Desk of Fr. Francis – August, 2015

Entirely moved and influenced by the Father’s will

Jesus, help me to be rooted in you when I respond to those around me.

Help me to detach myself from expectations, negative thoughts from myself and others, and attach myself to you.

Help me become an anomaly like you, someone entirely moved and influenced by the Father’s will, not my own or the will of others around me.


~ Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble via her blog Pursued by Truth

Transformed into living witnesses

A serious life of contemplative prayer is very important for the times in which we live. The traditional structures of support that have made our lives comfortable and easy are presently engulfed in confusion, but transformation is slowly taking place.

God is moving us away from clinging to things, people and institutions. He is calling us to detachment, to the desert, to the journey into the night of naked faith. He is calling us to cling to him, and only him. This journey is difficult, frightening at times, and even risky. But, those who embark upon the journey will be transformed into living witnesses of the God of love.

~ Fr. James Farfaglia, Prayer Is the Only Way

Detachment is a gift

Detachment from things presumes that there are things to detach from. One way to learn detachment is to recognize how fragile things are. One fire, or flood, or tornado, or hurricane, or lightening strike and “things” are gone. The greater our attachment, the greater our grief. To be free of attachment to material things (even while we use them) means we are free to move on without being owned by them. Detachment is a gift that frees us from dominance by “things” in our lives. Detachment brings the gift of freedom. We are stewards, responsible for our use of material things but not possessed by them.

~ Lester Bach, OFM Cap, The Franciscan Journey: Embracing the Franciscan Vision

The importance of detachment

The distracted mind is running wild with things of the world: fame, fortune, passion, possessive love, alcohol and drugs, sex, riches, and out-of-control emotions. Out of this distraction, craving and desire emerge, and the mind is disturbed. The mind is attracted by what it sees, giving birth to cravings, and subsequently the desire to satisfy those cravings. Slowly, the forces of earth become stronger than the forces of Heaven. Yet, out of our worldly desire and craving, stress and anxiety emerge, and the peace of heaven is hidden. This may all sound over-simplistic, yet out of this notion arises the understanding the saints had of the importance of detachment.

~Gerry Straub, Unplugging My Television