To still the longing within us

Joy is never found in possessing. Sex, power, fame and money are not enough to still the longing within us. Only God is enough. God can’t pour love into a vessel that is already full. When your emotions and desires are moderate it is easier to reach a state of harmony within yourself and with others.

~ Gerry Straub, “Moderation”

Oh God, you have allowed this to be…

I feel keenly…the painfulness of the ordeal to which God submits you, and the anguish your hearts must feel at the wounds you receive daily. It is true, I agree, that you would need to be a saint to let such things pass and feel no kind of resentment. But if you cannot yet reach such perfection in such pin-pricking vexations, endeavor at least, first, to banish as far as may be every thought, reflection, and remark that may embitter your heart; secondly, when you cannot rid yourself of them, repeat interiorly in your most intimate soul: “Oh God, you have allowed this to be; may your adorable desires and decrees be accomplished in all things: I make you a sacrifice of this difficulty and all its consequences; it shall take whatever form it pleases you: you are the Master; may you be blessed for all things and in all things. Fiat!

~ Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade, S. J. via SHIRT OF FLAME