New server and a request…

After almost five years and 795 quotes posted, Franciscan Quote of the Day has outgrown its low cost web hosting plan and I have moved the site to a more robust server option. You may have already noticed an increase in the speed of the site since the last night. FQotD’s sister sites (Digital Franciscans, Secular Franciscans Living the Rule), which are still on the old shared server, should also be faster since a significant CPU load has been removed.

This costs about $250/year and I was hoping to find about $25/month support to help defray the costs (the extra amount in this goal will be used to cover the merchant bank fees). If you are able and willing to help support this site, please go to this Patreon page for details. There is also a “Donate ” link in the menu at the top of the page. Thank you very much.

On hiatus – please visit these wonderful sites

As you may have noticed, posts have been few and far between recently. Unfortunately, that trend is going to continue for at least another week while I am completely engrossed in closing out my current work project. In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to visit these sites and I hope you find them as inspiring and edifying as I do.

Heather King: “I’m an ex-barfly, ex-lawyer, Catholic convert with three memoirs: Parched (the dark years); Redeemed (crawling toward the light); and Shirt of Flame (my year of wandering around Koreatown, L.A. “with” St. Thérèse of Lisieux, a cloistered 19th-c. French nun). I write, I speak, I shape others’ manuscripts, I explore the confluence of creativity and transcendence; the sacred and the profane; the weird, the wonderful, and the wacky.”

Kissing the Leper: “Acknowledging the perfect joy of suffering in Christ, but having a little fun along the way.”

OH……….. FRANCESCO: “The meditations and reflections of a Secular Franciscan in the 3rd Millennium.”

FranciscanQotD now on Alltop

I’d like to thank Guy Kawasaki and his team for including Franciscan Quote of the Day on Alltop’s Religion page. I’m honored. After all, FranciscanQotD is only a little more than two months old.  Alltop is a really great idea. It can be thought of as a “digital magazine rack” designed to “help you explore your passions by collecting stories from ‘all the top’ sites on the web” (Alltop. All the top. Get it?). They have pages for dozens of topics and they’re adding more all the time. Check it out. I guarantee you’ll find a really useful or cool site you had no idea existed.