With joy and hope

Without diminishing our beliefs, we approach others with love rather than domination. We approach others with a desire to share what is important to us rather than make them feel insignificant or stupid. We approach others with a readiness to understand them rather than presuming that they should think like us. We approach others with respect, even reverence, creating an atmosphere of friendship rather than jumping into an argument we must win. We approach others, if need be, with a forgiving spirit rather than imposing feelings of guilt. We approach them with joy and hope rather than fear and suspicion.

~ Lester Bach OFM Cap, Seeking a Gospel Life

2 thoughts on “With joy and hope

  1. Lester Bach continues to inspire us. He was a formidable presence at the Quinquennial this year.

    I needed the reminder of this quote to remember to put forth first what is important to me, not petty and unimportant things.

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