On hiatus – please visit these wonderful sites

As you may have noticed, posts have been few and far between recently. Unfortunately, that trend is going to continue for at least another week while I am completely engrossed in closing out my current work project. In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to visit these sites and I hope you find them as inspiring and edifying as I do.

Heather King: “I’m an ex-barfly, ex-lawyer, Catholic convert with three memoirs: Parched (the dark years); Redeemed (crawling toward the light); and Shirt of Flame (my year of wandering around Koreatown, L.A. “with” St. Thérèse of Lisieux, a cloistered 19th-c. French nun). I write, I speak, I shape others’ manuscripts, I explore the confluence of creativity and transcendence; the sacred and the profane; the weird, the wonderful, and the wacky.”

Kissing the Leper: “Acknowledging the perfect joy of suffering in Christ, but having a little fun along the way.”

OH……….. FRANCESCO: “The meditations and reflections of a Secular Franciscan in the 3rd Millennium.”

The deeper we journey into prayer

When we are enslaved by obsessive desires, we are not free to pray. When our interest in power, money and material things is greater than our longing for God, we are still far from authentic prayer. The deeper we journey into prayer the less interested we are in thoughts rooted in worldly desires and sensory perceptions.

~ Gerry Straub,  “Where Love is”

A wise architect laying a foundation

Humility, the guardian and embellishment of all the virtues, had filled the man of God, Francis, with abundance. In his own opinion he was nothing but a sinner, though in truth he was a mirror and the splendor of every kind of holiness. As he had learned from Christ, he strove to build himself upon this like a wise architect laying a foundation. He used to say that it was for this reason that the Son of God came down from the height of his Father’s bosom to our lowly estate so that our Lord and Teacher might teach humility in both example and word.

~ St. Bonaventure, The Major Legend of St. Francis

You cannot escape it

The cross, therefore, is always ready; it awaits you everywhere. No matter where you may go, you cannot escape it, for wherever you go you take yourself with you and shall always find yourself. Turn where you will — above, below, without, or within — you will find a cross in everything, and everywhere you must have patience if you would have peace within and merit an eternal crown.

~ Thomas a Kempis via OH……….. FRANCESCO

Certain choices

For his brothers and sisters around him, the Christian is a man who loves the things of this world as they really are, according to their true value, but he is also a person who prefers the God in whom he believes to all other things. This preference leads him to make certain choices. People see him choosing the invisible God. These  choices pose a new question to the world, a question about whether there may not be something greater than the world.

~ Servant of God Madeleine Delbrel via Kissing the Leper