Christian joy

Christian joy is not rooted in the circumstances and struggles of our daily lives. Sometimes the travails we experience are the bad fruit of the disorder and brokenness caused by sin, our wrong choices. However, even then, they need not rob us of this kind of Gospel joy.

Christian Joy finds its root in the relationship we now have in and through Jesus Christ, with the Father, in the Holy Spirit. That relationship not only survives struggle, it thrives in struggle. That is, for those who have living faith. We can learn to rejoice because the Lord is always near.

~ Joe Reciniello, OH……….. FRANCESCO

Restlessness like the breath of God

If we are being honest with ourselves there is a feeling of profound restlessness behind our search for the transcendent, one that stirs us into an encounter with Him. As we live the encounter, another search is initiated and so forth, each time with more depth. We like to describe that restlessness like the breath of God that we carry inside of us, the mark that he left in us. Many times it is even in people who have not heard God speak or who have taken anti-religious stances in their life . . . and all of a sudden they encounter something that transcends them.

Pope Francis via  Acculturated


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~ Simon Jester

In the innermost chamber of the heart

Humility is a pathway to prayer. Prayer is the doorway to the heart, the center of our being, the place where we can let go, let go of pretense, pride, ego and a host of things blocking us from the true source of life, the true source of love, God. In the innermost chamber of the heart we see the dissonance between the Spirit of God and our spirit; it is here we struggle to dissolve that disharmony.

~ Gerry Straub, Humility is Holiness

It fills us with light, strength, and consolation

Prayer raises our minds and hearts to God, and shows us from this elevated point of view the vanity of the goods and pleasures of this world; it fills us with light, strength, and consolation, and gives us a foretaste of the peace and joy of our heavenly country.

~  St. Rose of Viterbo

So earth-bound in our thinking that we throw people away

Parents are the most fundamental defenders of life; they will die for their children’s sakes. Disrupt the family and you disrupt life, but not death. Death goes on. Our increasingly secular society sanctions abortion and euthanasia and battles to celebrate sterile unions that cannot naturally populate the world. We are in dissolution, so lonely that we are killing ourselves, so earth-bound in our thinking that we throw people away.

~ Elizabeth Scalia,  “If Women Ran the World” via First Things.